Understanding yourself and your team fully is key to ensure you and your team perform at the highest possible level. We have searched the world to find you the best profiling tools for your business. Such tools, when correctly used and supported with expert advice, can transform both a whole team and a business.

We work with globally-renown profiling experts Extended DISC from Finland, using the FinxS platform, to give you incredible insights into the following:

  1. Role-specific profile reports using the world-class Extended DISC™ tool
  2. Team Collaboration Reports to maximise team communication and alignment ongoing

Not only are we able to profile you or your colleagues against a marketing role, we match people against any one of 7 different job profiles.

Our Team Analysis is designed to help you create:

  • The RIGHT team
  • Doing the RIGHT roles
  • Sitting in the RIGHT seats on the bus
  • To produce the RIGHT results

Choose one of the following:

Behavioural Reports

  • Identify, recruit and retain the right people
  • Understand your people’s behavioural strengths
  • Understand how to get the most out of your team
  • Grow healthy teams by understanding each others’ profiles
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Team Collaboration Reports

  • Actionable insights to highlight likely team problem areas to address
  • Identify potential areas of team conflict
  • Allow people to understand their fellow team members
  • Create greater productivity and team alignment
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