The Essential Marketing Bootcamp™

Walk away with a 12-month prioritised, budgeted and time-lined marketing plan to maximise your business results.

Your challenge: like over 50% of businesses, you don’t have a proven active marketing plan you refer to on a weekly basis. As a result, you likely waste time and money on the wrong marketing tactics, you may miss marketing opportunities or your team may waste countless hours each month.

Who should attend?

Marketing managers, marketing coordinators and marketing assistants in small to medium business.

Course Outcomes

  • Walk away with a prioritised, budgeted, robust marketing plan
  • Become more focused and proactive with your marketing tactics
  • Build a marketing plan around affordable, measurable, practical marketing
  • Increase your sales and profits through smart marketing

You’ll learn to:

  • Use your competitive advantage and USP correctly
  • Choose the right digital marketing tactics to focus on
  • Pick what traditional marketing to use in your business
  • Combine digital, online and traditional marketing together
  • Build your marketing plan around clear outcomes
  • Stick to your plan when people may distract you!
  • Put each marketing action into a clear timeline to follow
  • Better measure your marketing to be more proactive
  • Budget correctly for each area of your marketing
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“At the marketing boot camp a year ago we ambitiously set ourselves a growth goal of 25%.  However, we steadily followed the plan, reviewed it every month and adjusted accordingly and we achieved our target for incoming sales early in December! Thank you for all your sound advice and I am convinced that a sound Marketing Plan is the backbone of successful growth.”
Graham Pillar, Caste Industrial Supplies, UK

“After the Boot Camp I now have a knowledgeable focus and the confidence to fulfil the position of Marketing Manager and add value to the company.”
Beth Simpkin, Doors n’ More, New Zealand

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