Company Overview

We specialise in training small to medium businesses and individuals in becoming smarter in their application of marketing to drive short and long term business success. We have literally written the book on how small to medium should better plan and implement their marketing plans. Learn more.

We have selected the best software possible to give our clients the best experience and results, from the world-leading Extended DISC as our profiling tool, to our LMS (Learning Management System with digital app access, to our CRM (Salesforce) and more. This allows us save our clients money while allowing us to help more businesses worldwide.

Since 2004 we’ve helped thousands of small to medium businesses across the world with their marketing skills to become more profitable. Like most businesses, we’ve also been through a few changes ourselves:

  • We started in our third bedroom in New Plymouth, New Zealand, were called Clarity NZ and we spread ourselves across sales training, marketing consulting and doing telemarketing for our local Taranaki clients
  • In 2006 we became THE Marketing Company, offering sales and marketing training initially around New Zealand, then across Australia, then the UK, Europe and North America. We were proud to have launched several ‘firsts’ – including the 12-month Persuasive Selling Programme™ and the Essential Marketing Boot Camp™
  • In 2016 we launched our fantastic Intensive Marketing Accelerator Programme™
  • In 2019 we also launched the online version of our world-leading Essential Marketing Boot Camp™ so people can self-lead themselves to complete their marketing plans

Meet our Team

Ambrose Blowfield
Jo Blowfield
Saffi Curran

Our Mission

To help businesses become more profitable, provide more job security to their teams and serve their customers in the best way possible. We do this by providing world-leading sales, sales manager and business training, both online and face-to-face.

We will have a positive impact on the world through our impact on our clients, our team, and the causes we support.

Our Company Values:

We don’t just state company values to impress our clients. We believe in living by them every day. They help guide our decisions and formulate our long-term business strategies. Our company values, and how we apply them are as follows:

Giving. We’re giving with our time and attention to our clients, our team, and our community. We believe in leaving a positive legacy for the world through what we do each year, including through our ‘Transactional Giving’ policy. In simple terms, we leave a positive gift, or tythe, for every client transaction. For example, for every attendee on our 12-month programmes and for every day of face-to-face training delivered, we will pay for a family of 5 to be fed for a week in Australia or New Zealand through

Passion. We are passionate about what we do and who we serve as clients. We won’t get involved in any service unless we are passionate about that work. Nor will we help clients we cannot be passionate about, such as those in industries such as gambling or tobacco. We are very passionate about training businesses and individuals to become more successful, and our passion is contagious.

Making a Difference. We don’t believe in training for training’s sake, we believe in implementation and action. All our programmes have been designed with implementation in mind, whether it’s the method of the delivery, holding people to account, the development of people’s mindsets or the level of their engagement when on our courses. Everything we do is to positively impact the attendees that we serve, and indirectly the customers that they serve.

Team overview:

We’ve embraced the digital age fully: in terms of how we delivery training, how we support our clients, and how we operate our business. We have only selected world leading software and solutions for our clients.

This allows us to operate with a small, dedicated, full-time team who are the best at what they do, and bring in ‘best in breed’ partners to deliver what we and our clients need as and when we need this. This gives us two major benefits to a more traditional model (which is what we previously ran with):

  1. It allows us to bring in the best people we need for our clients, when we need them
  2. It allows us to pass on savings to our clients ongoing as we’re not carrying any ‘dead weight’ in our team/business

Interestingly, we have more than 5-folded our capacity to deliver sales training worldwide, while reducing our full-time team numbers!

In fact we’ve used training facilitators in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK, while we’ve used contractors for various work, from brand development to content writing, from editing to animation, from the Australia and New Zealand, the UK and France, to Canada and the US, to Egypt, India, Thailand, the Philippines, even Brazil!

Ambrose Blowfield

Ambrose Blowfield is one of Australasia’s leading trainers and speakers in marketing planning, sales and small to medium business. He has led a privileged academic and career path worldwide, typically working with the best of the best along the way.

His bilingual business degree in International Business with French was considered the best in Europe at the time, with over 50% of the degree being taught in French. He was then one of only 15 to join global-leading consumer goods (FMCG) giant Proctor & Gamble in the UK, from over 3000 graduate applicants. At the time, Fortune magazine rated P&G as the #1 FMCG company worldwide and the 2nd most respected company in the world across any industry. It was here that Ambrose benefitted from over $200,000 of sales training expertise from arguably the best in the business for over 100 years.

Emigrating to Australia in 1999, Ambrose first joined Australia’s leading recruitment company Morgan & Banks, helping them to set up a new office, before moving to the world’s leading financial recruitment company Robert Half International. When settling in New Zealand in 2003 he became the Business Development Manager of New Zealand’s leading engineering consortium, Engineering Taranaki Consortium, promoting their capabilities across Australasia and further afield.

Ambrose Blowfield

Business Owner

Ambrose is our main course creator, in-house facilitator (especially for the Persuasive Selling Process) and live online trainer.

Ambrose joined his wife Jo in 2005 in the Sales Mastery Company (formerly THE Marketing Company) and found his passion in helping businesses grow. Ambrose has trained businesses of all sizes across all industry types in New Zealand, Australia, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada and America. Ambrose has also facilitated live online to businesses across Australasia, the UK, Europe, North America, Argentina, even the Caribbean. He has also been a Business Mentor for many years with Business Mentors New Zealand as a way of giving back to businesses.

His passions outside of work include time with his wife and two daughters, international travel, sport and gastronomic excellence. Hence a perfect week would be taking his family overseas to watch the mighty All Blacks in some far-flung part of the world!

Jo Blowfield

Jo Blowfield has worked in the sales and marketing arena for over 20 years in both New Zealand and Australia. Prior to starting THE Marketing Company in 2004 she worked for such companies as, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Thorn EMI. Her passion and professionalism led her to win numerous awards for both sales and team excellence.

Jo has run three companies of her own and is a professional speaker, trainer and toastmaster. To contribute to the local community, she has been a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand and advises several charities with their marketing, sponsorship and promotion, all while juggling being a mum to her two children! Jo has even run her own radio show talking to other like-minded women about life and business topics.

Her strengths include her phenomenal people skills, her high work ethic and her contagious energy. She is also the creative powerhouse behind the design of our online training videos.

Jo Blowfield

Business Owner

Jo is our online training video creative editor, digital marketing manager and social media leader.

When Jo is not at work, she’s often found volunteering at school or various charities, or spending time with her family. Jo’s boundless energy and positivity are behind much of what we do here at the Sales Mastery Company.

Saffi Curran

Pronounced SAR-FEE, Saffi is our Training Manager extraordinaire! She’s the organiser of organisers behind all our online training programmes, especially the Sales Mastery Programme™ and the Sales Manager Accelerator™. She also ensures that our facilitators show up in the right city, in the right country, with the right workbooks and at the right time for face-to-face courses such as the Persuasive Selling Process™!

Saffi has worked in New Zealand and the UK including a long career at the Australasian distributor of Extended DISC, at Telecom New Zealand (now Spark) and at Westpac Bank.

Saffi has over 12 years of in-depth hands-on experience with the world class Extended DISC profiling tool, and now the Sales Competence Assessment tool also. Few people in Australasia would rival Saffi’s experience in this area.

To say that Saffi is ‘people-focused’ is an understatement. She is obsessed with ensuring our attendees, their managers and their businesses are engaged, motivated and held to account when required!

Saffi Curran

Training Manager

While officially our Training Manager, Saffi  is also our “profiling guru” for all our Extended DISC Profile analysis as well a for the Sales Competence Assessment tool.

When she’s not helping individuals and businesses grow, Saffi can be found with her family, volunteering at several sporting events, and enjoying travel with fine wine and fine foods!

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