30 Day Strategic Plan™

Covid-19 Business Continuity Planning

This workshop will take you through a fast paced 30 day strategic plan to evolve and grow your business at pace, making quick and focused decisions that you can communicate and measure with your team. Using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology it will keep you focused on what will make the biggest impact over the next 30 days.

Who is this workshop for?

Business owners with their hands on the steering wheel passionate about business transformation and immediate action.

What the Workshop will cover related to your business:

  • Product &/or Service
  • People (Your people and your customers)
  • Revenue & Profit
  • Brand
  • Relevancy & Timing


You’ll learn:

  • How to develop and implement Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Examples of what is possible in a short time frame
  • What to stop/what to start
  • Examples of OKRs delivered
  • How to share the responsibility
  • How to create accountability
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“At the marketing boot camp a year ago we ambitiously set ourselves a growth goal of 25%.  However, we steadily followed the plan, reviewed it every month and adjusted accordingly and we achieved our target for incoming sales early in December! Thank you for all your sound advice and I am convinced that a sound Marketing Plan is the backbone of successful growth.”
Graham Pillar, Caste Industrial Supplies, UK

“After the Boot Camp I now have a knowledgeable focus and the confidence to fulfil the position of Marketing Manager and add value to the company.”
Beth Simpkin, Doors n’ More, New Zealand

Wanting to focus on the key activities that will set foundations for maximum growth?
See our 30 Day Strategic Plan Workshop™.

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